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Top 5 Ways To Maximize SugarChimp

1. Keep your SugarChimp integration up to date.

SugarChimp stays up to date with SugarCRM/SuiteCRM updates.  To keep the integration running efficiently and to avoid troublesome bugs, keep SugarChimp up to date with the latest version.  More information on how to update your version can be found here.  (Note: if you want to ensure you're on the mailing list to get updated on all new updates, please reach out to mailchimp@fanaticallabs.com.)

2. Utilize Field Mapping

Field Mapping is a powerful feature that enables you to sync CRM data directly to Mailchimp.  Use this data to narrow down campaign recipients using Mailchimp's segmenting features, or trigger automated campaigns based on CRM data.

3. Know Your Mailchimp Triggers

Mailchimp offers a variety of triggers that pair nicely with mapped CRM data.  Want to kick off a campaign to leads that need nurturing?  Totally possible with Mailchimp Triggers. Learn more possibilities here.

4. Familiarize Yourself With Dashlets/Connectors

What good is an integration without an easy way to view related data between platforms?  Using SugarCRM's Dashlets (and SuiteCRM's Connectors) you can easily see how engaged subscribers are and if they're opening your campaigns.

5. Use a Master List

SugarChimp is designed to keep things simple.  Pre-SugarChimp, your marketing life was likely consumed by exporting lists and importing lists.  Keep things simple by having one Master Target List that syncs to a Master Mailchimp Audience.  Doing so enables your CRM and Mailchimp accounts to stay clean while maintaining the ability to quickly find your data and connect with your audience more easily through the use of segmenting.  See more benefits to a single list here.