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We Are Big Fans of SugarCRM and It Shows

We have been a part of the Sugar ecosystem for over 14 years now in one capacity or another. To this day we use Sugar internally as our source-of-truth. It has proven to be critical to our business processes and with the ever improving product it will continue to be central to our business for years to come.

If you are not aware of what Sugar is yet, it is a CRM that is an intuitive customization platform. That is important to us as it allows us to mold it for our very specific needs.

At Fanatical Labs we do a number of different things. It all started with our Sugar marketplace called SugarOutfitters where you can find all sorts of well vetted add-ons for your CRM by experts across the globe.

One thing we have never done is focus on consulting. We leave that to the consulting experts. Instead, we focus on off-the-shelf solutions that help your business be more successful. And we do it our way.

SugarChimp - MailChimp and Sugar

Beyond SugarOutfitters, we found that businesses are using MailChimp for their marketing automation. By itself it is very powerful. When you connect it to Sugar it takes it to a whole new level. It is like automating your marketing automation. (kinda like Inception)

There are a ton of abilities you get when you combine the two. Below is just one highlight:

Advanced List Syncing

While SugarChimp is packed full of features, Advanced List Syncing is one of our customers' favorites:

SugarChimp also gives folks in Sugar the ability to see what has been sent to any given person and what they have interacted with. Great for pre-call preparation.

Sugarchimp Mailchimp Sugarcrm Activity Dashlet V3

Learn More About SugarChimp

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Fanatically Zen - Zendesk and Sugar

Soon after, SugarCRM approached us about taking over their Zendesk integration. It is a great customer service platform that we now use as well.

Zendesk is a platform that helps turn interactions into lasting relationships. As many Sugar customers are finding out themselves, it is a better way to do support for your customers. With Zendesk your team can accept and manage chat messages, phone calls, and emails all in one place.

With Fanatically Zen you can enable your support team in Zendesk to see Sugar data and your sales or marketing team in Sugar to see what is happening with support in Zendesk for your customers.

Gives Sales and Support Full Visibility

Here is a video we put together for a recent SugarCon App Throwdown:

Learn More About Fanatically Zen

Schedule a one-on-one call to learn more about Zendesk and SugarCRM.

Wrapping It All Up

Using Sugar? Be sure to check out SugarOutfitters.

Need a better marketing tool or already use MailChimp? Be sure to check out SugarChimp.

Need a better customer service app or already use Zendesk? Be sure to check out Fanatically Zen.