We’re Fanatical Labs and we give businesses superpowers.

We work feverishly in our labs to create gadgets and gizmos that let your business do more. Formerly SugarOutfitters, Fanatical Labs specializes in creating the tech that turns a platform into a community.

We have a history of
delivering amazing products

Look, we get it. It’s great that people can write plugins for your platform. But to keep that software ecosystem alive and vibrant, you need a bazaar, a place buyers and sellers know, a place they can always find what they need. We’ve spent the past five years learning how to build killer marketplaces and plugins. Here's our team and our track record …

  • Jason Eggers

    Minneapolis, MN

    Long known as “eggsurplus” in the SugarCRM community, Jason leads the strategic partner and marketing efforts for Fanatical Labs. He also annoyingly calls charges in pickup basketball games.

  • Heidi Washington

    Ft. Worth, TX

    Joining the team as Customer Support Champion in 2018, Heidi works to improve the customer experience and is the go-to for our customers when they need help with our products.

  • Jon Sheppard

    Houston, TX

    Since joining the team in 2015 as Director of Product, Jon has spent most of his time working with clients and prospects to better understand how we can meet their needs. As a former head basketball coach, Jon would never call charges in a pickup game.

  • Chad Hutchins

    Tyler, TX

    Chad serves as the CTO of Fanatical Labs. He also serves as co-founder, integration expert, supreme bug-fixer, nasty-shot blocker and chief code monkey. He has only occasionally been accused of taking himself too seriously.

  • Jessica Biondo

    San Diego, CA

    With a knack for creative design, big ideas and the small details that make each project shine, I enjoy connecting brands to both businesses and consumers through the art of storytelling.

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  1. April 2011

    Jason pitches the idea of SugarOutfitters to Chad at SugarCon. Chad declines.

  2. September 2011

    Jason calls and pitches the idea to Chad again. Chad declines.

  3. November 2011

    Jason pitches the idea to Chad one more time. Chad says fine ... 

  4. January 2012

    Company formed!

    First lines of code are written for our marketplace platform. Time to get busy working with our developer partners!

  5. September 2012

    To test the waters, SugarOutfitters soft-launches with an initial group of sellers.

  6. January 2013

    SugarOutfitters Launch!

    SugarOutfitters is alive and kicking. By January 2013 the marketplace officially hosts 14 sellers and 25 add-ons. 

    Big love to those early developers: Atcore Systems, Ticomix, Eontek, FBSG, Synolia, Grinmark, Blake Robertson, Matthew Poer, Wired Marketing, Source Creativity, Christian Knoll, SalesAgility, Sugar Project, IKO Systems. Thank you!

  7. April 2013

    Our first SugarCon sponsorship! We're proud to be a bronze sponsor and judge the App Throwdown.

  8. December 2013

    The train's rolling. By the end of the first year, we're up to 64 add-ons.

  9. January 2014

    SugarChimp Acquired!

    We acquire SugarChimp in January, completely rewrite the integration and re-launch it at SugarCon where we are again a sponsor. We unveil SugarChimp — the crowd goes wild.

  10. April 2014

    Another SugarCon Bronze Sponsorship hits the books. SugarOutfitters continues to grow and become the place to find the most reliable add-ons and integrations for Sugar. Our 33-point inspection makes all the difference.

  11. November 2014

    SugarChimp is on a tear and paying off. We use SugarChimp as an example for other add-on developers, showing them how to make a living selling add-ons.

  12. April 2015

    Time for another SugarCon sponsorship. We always enjoy seeing partners and customers from all over the world.

    We launch SugarChimp Professional edition with major new features.

  13. August 2015

    Jon joins the team!

    The company is growing and we need help. Jon Sheppard jumps in as Director of Product, puts our products on a growth trend and never looks back!

  14. September 2015

    The precursor work of what would eventually become Glances begins.

  15. December 2015

    We update SugarChimp to use the latest MailChimp v3 API.

  16. June 2016

    Fanatically Zen Launched!

    Working closely with Zendesk, we launch the preferred new Sugar & Zendesk integration. Version one is out the door and more features are on the way!

    Add another SugarCon Sponsorship to the books! This time we come to the party with two integrations: SugarChimp & Fanatically Zen.

    SugarChimp Ultimate edition launches to serve those who need the absolute most out of Sugar and MailChimp.

  17. July 2016

    SuiteCRM Store Launched!

    The folks at SalesAgility have a great thing going with SuiteCRM. It was time for their developer community to have a place to get their add-ons and integrations in front of SuiteCRM customers.

    The SuiteCRM store is born!

  18. October 2018

    Welcome to the team Heidi Washington!

    Team member #4 has joined the team! Heidi Washington will focus on helping enable our customers as our Customer Support Champion.

  19. March 2019

    Team meetup in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mall of America baby!

  20. November 2019

    Welcome to the team Jessica Biondo!

    Team member #5 has joined the team! Jessica Biondo joins the team as our Marketplace Enablement Manager and will help support our marketplace customers and partners.

  21. March 2020

    Glances officially launches!

    The long journey to make integrations easy for businesses leads up to the big lauanch.